Personality and Visualization

Our team at IBM Research – Australia is currently looking for people who have tweeted at least 200 original public tweets to complete a 20 minute questionnaire about interpreting data from visualizations.

Research shows that people with high levels of Conscientiousness or low levels of Neuroticism (from the Big 5 OCEAN personality traits) tend to be faster learners than people with high levels of Neuroticism or low levels of Conscientiousness. Our goal is to determine whether there is a similar relationship between users’ personality types, and their ability to interpret information presented in visualization graphs. This will then allow systems such as Watson Analytics to automatically select the best visualizations to suit the user's personality type.

Please email our lead scientist Lida Ghahremanlou with your Twitter handle if you are interested in participating. There are only a fixed number of spots for the study, but if your handle is accepted, you will receive an email link to the questionnaire.

Screenshot of a Visualization Graph of the Research Questionnaire

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