Profile of an IBM Scientist: Meet Chin Lee (Jeff) Ong

Who: Chin Lee (Jeff) Ong
Location: IBM Research - Zurich
Nationality: Malaysian

Jeff with a prototype multi-effect membrane desalination
developed for the High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal
Focus: 3D Chip Stacking, Water Desalination and Purification

I am inspired by the challenges I see every day. Today, government and industry seek new oil reserves, but in the future the race will be to find clean water.

I never imagined a career in water purification. Growing up in Malaysia and studying in Australia, water is everywhere so you never could possibly imagine that someday it will be a scarce resource. Plus, my initial education was in aerospace engineering.

But when I started studying at EPFL I began looking at phase change heat transfer, which shares a common scientific principle with liquid cooled 3D chip stacks for future supercomputers and water desalination — evaporation and condensation. This is why I always say "look at the bigger picture." The chances are high that you will find a connection.

Advice for Future Scientists:Video games are great distractions, provide stress relief and I do some of my best thinking when playing roll playing games such as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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