60 Seconds with an IBM scientist

Who: Diego Alejandro Ortiz-Yepes
Location: IBM Research - Zurich
Nationality: Colombian

Focus: Computer Scientist focused on Mobile Security

"Every day new security vulnerabilities are reported for PCs, which will eventually impact mobile technologies. Our clients in banking and government need to proactively stay ahead of these attacks to keep their data safe." 

"So the team I am on develops new levels of security to protect mobile transactions of today and the future -- which range from transferring money to hopefully someday, e-voting."

"And about my hair: After I left Colombia, I started dying my hair during high school in New Zealand. Ever since then, every time I take a vacation I dye it a different color. So far it has been red, orange, blonde, green, pink and now purple.  Next up IBM blue."

Insider Tip:

"If you use your mobile device for security-sensitive operations, such as accessing, editing or storing confidential or private information, or using financial services, make sure that you only install and run apps that come from well-known trusted sources. When installing an app on your device, it never hurts to carefully review the permissions that it requires to make sure that it is not being granted more permissions than absolutely necessary."

To see Diego's real hair color and his publications and patents click here

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