Services Innovation Lab strengthens Research

Today, IBM announced an initiative designed to link state-of-the-art IBM Research projects directly to the largest part of the company - services.

The Services Innovation Lab (SIL), led by researchers with development and client experience in virtually every field of science and technology, will bring together researchers and services professionals to generate ideas, solve problems, capture opportunities and create new innovations that will transform services. You can learn more about the SIL here.

IBM Research - Almaden senior manager for services research, Stefan Nusser, has been named Almaden Lead for the SIL. Below, he provides some additional thoughts on the motivations, goals and ideal outcomes.

Stefan's team, composed of researchers with varying expertise - nanotechnology, computational biology, user interaction, computer science, data mining, security and compliance, mathematics, business optimization and more - includes Sandeep Gopisetty, IBM Research Distinguished Engineer, who already has a portfolio of projects in place for the launch of the SIL:
Stay tuned in to the IBM Research news blog to learn more about projects and developments from the SIL.