Inventors' Corner: U.S. Patent #7,877,706 – Controlling a document based on user behavioral signals detected from a 3D captured image stream

This patent describes a technique that enables an individual to use gestures and movements to search the Web or automatically create or update a document, spreadsheet, e-mail, etc.

Similar to the technology used in gaming systems to capture a player's actions or movement, this invention is capable of seeing or detecting certain gestures or movements of computer users, which can be used to interact with a system, instead of relying upon on a keyboard, mouse clicks, or even speaking commands into a microphone connected to a voice recognition system.

The patented method uses one or more cameras to capture three dimensional (3D) user movements and then applies behavioral and movement controls to trigger related document actions, such as opening, editing or finding a document or Web page.

U.S. Patent #7,877,706 was issued to inventors Jacob Albertson, Kenneth Arnold, Steven Goldman, Michael Paolini, and Anthony Sessa.