Nanotechnology and the future of computing

IBM Research - Zurich and ETH Zurich, a premier European science and technology university, announced today the opening of a new Nanotechnology Center. Joint research projects promise to combine the skills of industry and academic research in ways that neither party could achieve on their own.

The announcement of the new center being made at the first in a series of IBM Research Colloquia. Throughout IBM's Centennial year, IBM will convene thought leaders at our global labs to discuss technologies of the future and their potential impact on business and society. The goal of the Colloquia is to bring together the IBM ecosystem of business, government and academia to help define the computing age of the future.

The IBM Research - Zurich Colloquium will focus on Nanotechnology and the Future of Computing. View recordings of the events via livestream:

Opening Ceremony with IBM Research Senior Vice President John Kelly III

Colloquium Lecture 1: Computing for the Future

Colloquium Lecture 2: Value of Public-Private Partnerships

Colloquium Lecture 3: The Quantum Computer

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