IBM scientist becomes a Humboldtian

Dr. David DiVincenzo, a quantum physicist from the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York, has been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt International Award for Research in Germany. Named for the German naturalist and explorer, winners of the award, also know as Humboldtian's, will have access to a grant worth up to five million Euros to conduct cutting-edge research at German universities.

Dr. DiVincenzo, who researches  quantum information theory and quantum computing, was nominated by RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich, the later being home to the 9th most powerful supercomputer in the world, an IBM Blue Gene.  

Dr. DiVincenzo said, " I am pleased that Aachen and Juelich have recognized the future of information technology as one of the centerpieces of their research agenda.  I expect to have a productive contribution in this area, as well as in the broader area of theoretical nanoelectronics." 

The other winners include:

Commenting in the latest winners, Helmut Schwarz, the Foundation's President said,  “The nominations from the successful universities of Aachen, Erlangen-Nürnberg and Potsdam show how the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship may be used as a strategic instrument: The award winners will help to expand existing areas of excellence and intensify co-operation with non-university research institutions. The award winners’ knowledge and international repute will contribute to the fulfilment of these strategies.”

Every year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables more than 2,000 researchers from all over the world to spend time researching in Germany. The Foundation maintains a network of well over 24,000 Humboldtians.

The award ceremony is scheduled for 12 May 2011 in Berlin.