Inventors' Corner U.S. Patent #7,689,595 -- Automatic travel content capture tool for address book entries

Master Inventor, Rick Hamilton, explains how the invention associated with U.S. patent #7,689,595 works:

This patent describes an invention that automatically checks your cell phone or handheld's address book and calendar when traveling and, using GPS, automatically provides directions from your current location to nearby destinations.  For example,if you're traveling on business and are staying at a hotel that's near an old friend's house whose address is stored on your device, the invention will automatically find and provide directions with a map from the hotel to your friend's house.

U.S. Patent #7,689,595 was granted to inventors Greg Boss of American Fork, UT; James Doran of New Milford, CT; Rick Hamilton of Charlottesville, VA and Timothy Waters of Hiram, GA.