Inventors’ Corner U.S. Patent #7,668,724 -- Method to use DMV web connection to process traffic tickets, appeals and court fines

While nobody wants to receive a traffic ticket, the ensuing paperwork and time waiting to learn about your court date, fine, etc. can be both frustrating and unnerving. This patent describes an invention that improves the efficiency of handling traffic tickets by storing and processing traffic violation data automatically--as soon as a law enforcement official enters information via a portable computer to a DMV server.

Upon receiving the traffic infraction data, the server then determines an available trial date in a local traffic court of jurisdiction and notifies the officer, who can immediately provide the court date and related details to the driver. It can also later incorporate data provided by the accused, via the Internet, such as how they would like to proceed with the case, thereby enabling a driver to pay a fine or contest a traffic ticket via their computer. Whether an individual agrees with or disputes their traffic citation, this invention will ultimately make the follow-up process easier and more efficient.

U.S. Patent #7,668.724 was granted to inventors Rabindranath Dutta of Austin, TX; Kumar Ravi of Cedar Park, TX and Eduardo N. Spring of Round Rock, TX.