Inventors’ Corner U.S. Patent 7,634,461—A system and method for enhancing keyword relevance by user’s interest on search result documents

Searching for documents previously accessed via your computer—even those you just opened a few days ago—isn’t always quick and easy. U.S. Patent #7,634,461 introduces a potential solution that can make it easier to find a wide range of data, such as text or spreadsheet documents, e-mail messages, Web pages, media files, folders, and more.

This invention describes a system and method that enables a user to search for documents previously viewed, created or edited via their computer.  The patented technique provides enhanced monitoring and indexing capabilities, as well as a graphical interface to track, find and generate filtered results of documents based on search terms and other parameters established by the user, such as keywords, dates and names of selected applications.  The invention also delivers improved sorting of search results based on a predetermined profile of the user's interest.

U.S. Patent #7,634,461 was issued to inventors Tolga Oral of Arlington, Massachusetts; David Newbold of Cambridge, Massachusetts; Michael Bolin, of East Brunswick, NJ; and Raudel Rodriguez of Austin, Texas.