Inventors’ Corner U.S. Patent 7,631,161—An apparatus, system, and method for writing data to protected partitions of storage media

This patent describes an invention that enables data to be stored and protected on a variety of storage media--such as hard disk drives, DVDs, CDs, etc.--while ensuring that data protection commands remain unchanged, even if the storage media is moved or connected to a different host system.

The invention provides a technique to ensure that the integrity and security of data cannot be compromised, even if a storage device holding such critical data is transferred between systems.  With this approach, data is protected, no matter what system the storage device is connected to.  For example, when a disk drive is removed from a storage system, the data it holds retains the security protections established when it was stored on  the disk and cannot be overwritten, erased or altered by the new system.

U.S. Patent #7,631,161 was granted to inventors Nils Haustein, Martin Roosen, Daniel J. Winarski and Craig Anthony Klein.