Mind Blowers - episode 6 - Nano-Revolution

In this episode of Mind Blowers, a web series designed to present interesting topics and breakthroughs from IBM in a very understandable and entertaining way, we focus on the Nano-Revolution.


Software patents and innovation

by Mark Chadurjian
Senior Counsel, IBM Software Group Intellectual Property Law

We've heard a lot lately about software patents. Some folks say software should not be patentable. Others say that any business method run on a computer should be patentable. Why all the controversy?

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Inventors’ Corner: U.S. Patent #7,280,658 – Systems, methods and computer program products for accelerated dynamic protection of data

Digital media, including videos, audio, and images, sometime require secure handling by both the content provider and the distributor. This patented invention offers the provider and distributor end-to-end protection by coupling dynamic and static key encryption. The technique accelerates the overall encryption and decryption process, and improves encryption efficiency and strength by reducing the computer resources required to protect the data.

These steps are completed while eliminating intermediate decryption of data transmitted between two computer systems as well as the decryption of statically encrypted data. At the same time, the advantages of a dynamic key are incorporated, which makes the encryption stronger and more efficient.

IBM inventors Lisa Amini based in Hawthorne, New York and William R. Belknap of San Jose, California, earned a patent for this invention.