IBM Researchers in Action (Week of January 19)

IBM Researchers in Action (Week of January 19th)

  1. IBM Research

    IBM Researchers Named ACM Fellows
    Three IBM Researchers, Kenneth ClarksonHamid Pirahesh, andMark Squillante, were named 2008 ACM Fellows today, an award that recognizes the organization's top contributors to computing technology that have generated a broad range of innovations to industry, commerce, entertainment, and education.

  2. Researcher Ohad Greensphan

    Using mashups to coordinate healthcare
    Ohad Greensphan talks about the role of mashups in integrating hospital applications. (mp3, transcript)

  3. Researcher David Bacon

    Bridging the software-hardware gap
    David Bacon and Rodric Rabbah talk about Liquid Metal, a programming languages project that will give software programmers a means to realize customized hardware design. (Pictured: Researcher David Bacon)

  4. Researcher Josef Raviv

    IBM announces 2009 Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Deadline is February 2, 2009. Fellow will spend at least one year at an IBM Research lab.

  5. Patent Leaders chart

    IBM shatters U.S. patent record
    Will openly publish many more future inventions; IBM Research to work on patent quality index.

  6. 3D Nanoscale image

    IBM Research Creates Microscope With 100 Million Times Finer Resolution Than Current MRI
    Extends 3D MRI to the nanoscale.